QA Project Manager plus

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Oversees, coordinates, plans, manages and controls all Quality Assurance activities on the Project to make sure that the Project is completed in time, within the budget while maintaining the Gameloft’s quality standards.
Improves operational efficiency and effectiveness of the QA effort and in general Project Activities and in the same time coordinates and contributes actively to the competences growth of all QA Teams involved in the Project.
*** Accountabilities:

  • Delivers & Updates the Testing Plan for the Project.
  • Oversees and tracks all progress on the project.
  • Represents QA in clients meetings.
  • Understands all aspects of the project from both QA & business point of view.
  • Synchronizes all QA Teams working on the Project.
  • Finds opportunities for improving overall Project Activities.
  • Makes sure all service team members have development plans and conducts 1on1s with all the key people.
  • Uses known best practices to guide direction of collaborative efforts and avoid repeating mistakes.
  • Delegate project tasks based on members individual strengths, skill sets, and experience level.
  • Perform risk management to minimize potential risks.
  • Meet budgetary objectives and make adjustments to project constraints based on financial analysis without affecting the quality and delivery time.
  • Provides written feedback for all the teams involved in the project at the end of each milestone.
  • Provides a Post Mortem report at the end of each milestone of the project.
  • Quality of the project from UX point of view.

Yêu cầu công việc

  • Communication: Expert.
  • Leadership: Expert.
  • Product Knowledge: Expert.
  • Project Management tools: Expert.
  • Strategic development/Development Cycle: Expert.
  • Decision making: Expert.
  • Execution: Expert.
  • Reporting: Expert.
  • Business Acumen: Advanced.

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